People Attributes

Companywell has 30+ different people data points that you can access and use to filter for prospects. Here is some more information on these data points for your reference.

Attribute Description
Email The business email address of the person
Personal Email The personal email address of the person. This is found through publicly listed sources.
Domain The domain name of the company the person works at.
Full Name The full name of the person.
First Name The first name of the person.
Last Name The last name of the person.
Biography A summary or biography of the person
Image The public image of the person
Title The current job title or job position of the person
Department The department that the person works in. View all possible options.
Seniority The seniority level of the person. View all possible options.
Role Duration The date the person started working at their current role.
Address The address or location of where the person is working.
LinkedIn Handle The LinkedIn handle of the person.
Twitter Handle The Twitter handle of the person.
Facebook Handle The Facebook handle of the person.
GitHub Handle The GitHub handle of the person.
Office Phone The direct dial office phone number of the person.
Personal Phone The direct personal phone number of the person.
Past Employers A list of companies that previously employed the person.
Education A list of schools that the person attended.
Skills A list of skills that person has.