Data Introduction

Welcome to Companywell’s data point documentation page! These docs are designed to give you full transparency into the data points that are available to you as a user of Companywell. We index the internet millions of times a day searching for data that can be helpful to your organization. Use these documents to understand how to use our data points to your advantage.

We put a lot of resources into getting our data. Below are some of our metrics that we’re proud of.

  • ... Companies
  • ... People
  • ... Pages Indexed Today
  • ... Monthly Pages Indexed
  • 90 Day Data Refresh Rate

Data Sources

It’s important to us that we are as transparent about the sources of our data as possible. Using in house web crawling technology and advanced data pattern detection, we are able to condense information openly available on the internet into our database. This data is found on company websites, public personal profiles, and any other type of website that can be found through a general web search. We also utlize smart partnerships to help us validate even more data.

94% Email Accuracy

At Companywell, every single contact found goes through 5 stages of verification to ensure that all our delivered data is as accurate as possible. Through the power of machine learning, email verification, and human quality assurance, we can guarantee a successful email delivery rate of 94% from our data. Due to the nature of domains that accept all incoming mail as valid, we will only include addresses that meet our strict quality standards.

Data Refresh Rate

Contacts and companies are always adjusting over time. We understand how important it is to ensure that the data you access is current with the constantly evolving world we all live in. That is why we take the time to comb over all records in our database every 90 days to ensure that any order will contain the most up to date information possible. Through this process, invalid records are removed and any new data that we can validate is added/replaced to existing records.

Data Control

Companywell strongly believes that you should fully be in control of your data. We are fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) along with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the Europe Union. Anyone can easily edit or remove their profile by claiming ownership of their email address or personal information through our platform. Any and all fields associated with a record can be edited or removed at the request of the owner.